Sunday, December 4, 2011

Merry Wrist-mas!

My friend Jennifer from work came to me with this lovely bracelet design a couple of months back and I said, "it is a perfect project for holiday presents!"  And away we went.  Many a lunch hour spent at the bead store (Bead It) and a couple of wine-and-beading-get-togethers, and voila, a rainbow of cozy bracelets were produced for our friends and family! 

This was a fun project although there were some learning curves along the way.  Tying slip knots for bracelets like this is tricky and required a lot of trial and error and some help from a knot tying expert (aka. rock-climber-engineer-husband-Casey).  But I have to say the end product is very boutique-y sweet.  We used all real stone beads, leather and gold wire.

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