Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Hawaii Wrap

I got together with my friend, Kari, today and for some reason the conversation just kept coming back around to the beach and going to Hawaii and drinking margaritas!  We made these double-wrap-beachy-delights and I think they are totally in keeping with the theme.  Her daughter, 5-year-old Whitney, even got in on the action and made a sweet little triple wrap bracelet for herself and made me a beautiful beach drawing too.  The clasps are made out of a pink flower Lucite bead and an aqua recycled glass bead.  We used brown waxed linen and size 6/0 clear beads.  What a fun afternoon, thanks ladies!

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Friendship Bracelet: All Grown Up

A couple of days ago I stumbled into a little store on my lunch break called The Knitty Cat.  What a can of worms (or should I say "yarn") that turned out to be!  I had no idea what amazing, beautiful string there was out there these days.  I went in thinking that I may find a particular color of thread for another project I am working on but that is not what I found, of course.  I could have easily spent a sizable portion of my life savings in that store but I restrained myself in the end and just bought the gorgeous string you see in the bracelet below.  I love how earthy and organic feeling this is but still modern and clean.  I wore this out to eat last night with my friend, Kristin, and she already requested that I make her three!

This bracelet wraps around twice, the string is a cotton/silk blend, wrapped around leather cord and finished off with a muted-gold button clasp.  There is something about working with string that makes me feel giddy, like how I felt when I first learned to make friendship bracelets as a kid.  But this, this is what I am calling "Friendship Bracelets for Grown Ups"!  I think there may be many more versions of this one in my future!  This looked so nice stacked with one of my "Merry Wrist-mas" bracelets (see post from last December) today that I had to include a second picture. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lovin' The Wrap!

Day two of wrap bracelet frenzy.  The scene: Three full hours to myself while our 12-year-old-mother's-helper entertains the little one. Oh yeah!  This one is the same technique as my last post but with drastically different bead choices.  I went with cube beads for one side of the braid and faceted rose gold beads for the other.  I like the end result which makes it feel like two bracelets in one and gives it that stacked look.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Aqua Beaded Wrap Bracelet

I have very limited time these days and I have to think very carefully about what can be done in a 90 minute to 2 hour time frame while my two year old takes her afternoon snooze.  I am happy to report that from start to finish, this fun bracelet only took about an hour and fifteen minutes.  I have to give thanks to Erica and her blog ( for the idea and instruction. I think it will prove to be one of my summer staples!

I used brown waxed linen, size 6/0 beads which are a bit bigger that the one she lists in her blog and an aqua sea glass bead for the clasp.  The finished piece measures 13.5 inches and wraps twice around my wrist.

Oh and one more thing... after making this bracelet today I managed to post this blog entry before my daughter woke up from her nap.  YES!