Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Buy it because it fits?

I have very few hard and fast rules when it comes to jewelry.  One of my rules is that if I find a piece of jewelry that I want to buy but I can make it, then I am required to at least attempt to make it.  And secondly, if I find a bracelet (that I can't make) that actually fits my child-size wrists then I buy it!  Especially if the price is right.  I hit the Nordstrom Rack clearance section this week (at a minimum, this is a quarterly event) and discovered this plastic green cuff.  It fit perfectly, and it was under $10.  Sold!  But really?  A plastic green cuff?  Today I am questioning the thought process that went into this purchase.  I am thinking that I should add one more important criteria to my list of questions...must love it.  But here I waiver.  It was under ten bucks.  So what if I only have occasion to wear this funky thing once or twice?  :)  By the way, the chain link bracelet was a gift from my friend Kristin for my birthday last year, love it! 

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Brandi Wrap

I needed a bracelet to go with an outfit this weekend that I wore to the Brandi Carlisle concert at Red Rocks.  AMAZING show by the way, such a special and talented performer.  And what a perfect date night with our friends, Nicki and Bret, thanks guys!  Casey and I needed that!  So I whipped up this little double wrap delight and am calling it The Brandi Wrap in her honor.  I thought it looked really nice with the feather bangle from my very first post.  I re-purposed these rhinestones from an old piece and wove it into leather with blue-grey embroidery floss. 

Had to throw in a concert pic of Nicki and I!  :)  

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Beaded Summer Bangles

I admit, I made the red one last week to have a little something patriotic to wear on the fourth.  I made a silver version of the ruby jade one for my friend and coworker, Katherine, this week, happy 30th!  And, the white quartz triangles I made today.  I have been wondering what to do with those triangle beads for some time.  I've seen a bit of a trend in triangle shaped jewelry in the last year, so it is timely that these beads find a home.  The flexible wire that I used allows me to get these on and off a bit easier than if they were rigid.  It also made it so that I could make it smaller than a rigid bangle since I can mold it over my hand when putting it on.  These are quick pieces, appealing to my instant gratification side.  My friend, Jen and I (who made the "Merry Wrist-mas" bracelets with me last year) are already beginning a plot to make a more stackable version of these for future gift-giving endeavors...hint hint.  :)