Friday, April 20, 2012

The Friendship Bracelet: All Grown Up

A couple of days ago I stumbled into a little store on my lunch break called The Knitty Cat.  What a can of worms (or should I say "yarn") that turned out to be!  I had no idea what amazing, beautiful string there was out there these days.  I went in thinking that I may find a particular color of thread for another project I am working on but that is not what I found, of course.  I could have easily spent a sizable portion of my life savings in that store but I restrained myself in the end and just bought the gorgeous string you see in the bracelet below.  I love how earthy and organic feeling this is but still modern and clean.  I wore this out to eat last night with my friend, Kristin, and she already requested that I make her three!

This bracelet wraps around twice, the string is a cotton/silk blend, wrapped around leather cord and finished off with a muted-gold button clasp.  There is something about working with string that makes me feel giddy, like how I felt when I first learned to make friendship bracelets as a kid.  But this, this is what I am calling "Friendship Bracelets for Grown Ups"!  I think there may be many more versions of this one in my future!  This looked so nice stacked with one of my "Merry Wrist-mas" bracelets (see post from last December) today that I had to include a second picture. 

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