Friday, November 4, 2011

The Most Unforgettable Ring

It was Fall 2009 and I was at our family's cabin in the mountains when a neighbor stopped by to visit.  I remember clearly where I was sitting when I saw it.  It had an aura, it's very own aura, I swear!  And even from across the room I knew it was something very, very special.  It has been exactly two years since I physically laid eyes on it but it is still vivid in my mind.  The neighbor was wearing the Sophia Ring by Emily Satloff from  It is by far the most impressive piece of new fine jewelery I have seen in person.  It is divine.  It radiates from every angle, yet it is not over the top.  Somehow, I will own this ring one day!  Her vintage foil technique and eye for detail and beauty are extraordinary and I am not alone in this opinion as this ring is now exclusively available through Barnes New York for a well deserved price tag. She has many versions of this ring available but this one has by far the most bells and whistles in 18K Rose Gold with White Topaz and Pink Diamonds on Shoulders and Crown.  Unforgettable!

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